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  • Werner, M.; Schmoldt, D.; Hilbrig, F.; Jerome, V.; Raup, A.; Zambrano, K.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.; Freitag, R.:
    High cell density cultivation of human leukemia T cells (jurkat cells) in semipermeable polyelectrolyte microcapsules.
    Engineering in Life Sciences 15(4) (2015), 357-367.
  • Taeger, C.D.; Friedrich, O.; Dragu, A.; Weigand, A.; Hobe, F.; Drechsler, C.; Geppert, C.I.; Arkudas, A.; Münch, F.; Buchholz, R.; Pollmann, C.; Schramm, A.; Birkholz, T.; Horch, R.E.; Pr&aumL;bst, K.:
    Assessing viability of extracoporeal preserved muscle transplants using external field stimulation: a novel tool to improve methods prolonging bridge-to-transplantation time.
    Scientific Reports 5 (2015).
  • Dakhil, H.; Wierschem, A.; Gilbert, D.F.; Amtmann, A.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.; Friedrich, O.:
    Viscoelastic Measurements of Cells in a Rotational Rheometer.
    Chemie Ingenieur Technik 87(8)(2015), 1106.
  • 2014
  • Schmoldt, D.; Jerome, V.; Freitag, R.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    Proliferation humaner prim&aumL;rer T-Lymphozyten in Polyelektrolytkapseln.
    Chemie Ingenieur Technik 86(9)(2014), 1401-1426.
  • Schöll, S.; Mualla, F.; Sommerfeldt, B.; Steidl, S.; Maier, A.; Buchholz, R.; Hornegger, J.:
    Influence on the phase effect on gradient-based and statistics-based focus measures in bright field microscopy.
    Journal of Microscopy 254(2)(2014), 65-74.
  • Mualla, F.; Schöll, S.; Sommerfeldt, B.; Maier, A.; Steidl, S.; Buchholz, R.; Hornegger, J.:
    Unsupervised unstained cell detection by SIFT keypoint clustering and self-labeling algorithm.
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8675 LNCS, Part 3 (2014), 377-384.
  • Mualla, F.; Schöll, S.; Sommerfeldt, B.; Maier, A.; Steidl, S.; Buchholz, R.; Hornegger, J.:
    Using the low-pass monogenic signal framework for cell/background classification on multiple cell lines in bright field microscope images.
    International Journal of Computerassisted Radiology and Surgery 9(3) (2014), 379-386.
  • Kaiser, P.; Werner, M.; Jerome, V.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.; Freitag, R.:
    Cell retention by encapsulation for the cultivation of Jurkat cells in fixed and fluidized bed reactors.
    Biotechnology and Bioengineering 111(12) (2014), 2571-2579.
  • Ahmed, I.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    Establishment and Characterization of three New Embryonic Spodoptera littoralis Cell Lines and Testing their Susceptibility to SpliMNPV.
    In: Brueck, T. (ed.) Industrial Biotechnology - Made in Germany: The path from policies to sustainable energy, commodity and speciality products. JSM Biotechnology & Biomedical Engineering 2: 1031,2(2014).
  • 2013
  • Werner, M.; Biss, K.; Jerome, V.; Hilbrig, F.; Freitag, R.; Zambrano, K.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.; Mahou, R.; Wandrey, C.:
    Use of the mitochondria toxicity assay for quantifying the viable cell density of microencapsulated Jurkat cells.
    Biotechnology Progress 29 (2013), 986-993.
  • Meng, D.; Francis, L.; Thompson, I.D.; Mierke, C.; Hübner, H.; Amtmann, A.; Roy, I.; Boccaccini, A.R.:
    Tetracycline-encapsulated P(3HB) microsphere-coated 45S5 Bioglass(®)-based scaffolds for bone tissue engineering.
    J Mater Sci Mater Med. 24 (12) (2013), 2809-2817.
  • 2012
  • Lindenberger, C.; Pflug, L.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    A novel model for studying baculovirus infection process.
    Biotechnol. Bioprocess Engineering 17 (2012), 211-217.
  • Dragu, A.; Taeger, C.; Buchholz, R.; Sommerfeldt, B.; Hübner, H.; Birkholz, T.; Kleinmann, J.; Münch, F.; Horch, R.; Präbst, K.:
    Online oxygen measurements in ex vivo perfused muscle tissue in a porcine model using dynamic quenching methods.
    Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 132 (5) (2012), 655-661.
  • 2010
  • Skwarek, M.; Lade, T.; Werner, M.; Jerome, V.; Zambrano, K.; Meier, S.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.; Freitag, R.:
    Expandierte Proliferation von Jurkat-T-Zellen unter Zuhilfenahme spezieller Zellkulturtechniken.
    Chemie Ingenieur Technik 82 (1-2) (2010), 42.
  • Al-Mhanna, N.M.M.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    Optimization of parameters growth conditions of yeast biomass during single cell protein production by using simplex method.
    Chemical Engineering Transactions 21 (2010), 475-480.
  • 2007
  • Hübner, H.:
    Cell Encapsulation.
    In: Ralf Pörtner (ed.): Animal Cell Biotechnology - Methods and Protocols (2nd ed) Humana Press Inc., Totowa, New Jersey, U.S.A. (2007), ISBN 1-58829-660-1, eISBN-10: 1-9745-399-4, eISBN-13: 978-1-59745-399-8, 179-191.
  • 2006
  • Tan, A.W.I.; Fischbach, M.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.; Hummel, W.; Daussmann, T.; Wandrey, C.; Liese, A.:
    Synthesis of enantiopure (5R)-hydroxyhexane-2-one with immobilised whole cells of Lactobacillus kefiri.
    Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 71 (2006), 289-293.
  • Geppert, E.; Lange, H.; Falb, M.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    13-Hydroperoxid-Dependent Isomerase in Immortalized Hepatocytes.
    Journal of Chromatography B (submitted) (2006).
  • 2005
  • Meier, St. M.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    Single-cell bioreactors as end of miniaturization approaches in biotechnology: progresses with characterised bioreactors and a glance into the future
    Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering; Springer Verlag GmbH; ISNN: 1615-7591 (Paper), 1615-7605 (Online), 2005.
  • Kammermeier, R.; Amtmann, A.; Hübner, H.; Wüst, A.; Mahler, V.:
    Expression and purification in different expression systems of a high molecular birch pollen allergen showing pectinesterase activity.
    Poster (2005).
  • 2002
  • Orakci, O.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    UV-Blocker für Viren. Poster Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (2002).
  • Orakci, O.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.; Knoch, M.:
    Sun-Blocker für Viren (2002).
  • Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    Immunreaktion des Körpers durch Membran verhindert.
    Medizin Report (2002) 3, 20-21.
  • 2001
  • Bettermann, A.; Buchholz, R.; Hübner, H.; Schneider, C.:
    Particulate construct for use in the transplantation field.
    PCT Int. Appl., 24 pp. (2001).
  • 2000
  • Geisse, S.; Orakci, O.; Pabler, A.; Patoux, A.; Rinaldi, D.; Watkins, J.; Schmitz, R.; Gram, H.:
    Float! - And Express More: Converting the HEK.EBNA/oriP System to Suspension Culture. Animal Cell Technology: Products from Cells, Cells as Products.
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  • Buchholz, R.; Hübner, H.:
    Continuous preparation of pathological viruses or recombinant proteins comprising infecting cells kept within a hollow sphere within a vessel while providing the cells with nutrients.
    Patent (2000).
  • Buchholz, R.; Hübner, H.:
    A process for the continuous production of viruses and/or recombinant proteins.
    Ger., 8 pp. (2000).
  • Bettermann, A.; Schneider, C.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.; Wit, J.; Kage, A.; Salomon, A.; Graffstädt, H.:
    Mikrokapseln aus Fibrin zur Kultivierung von humanen Hautzellen.
    Ellipse (2000) 2, 37-42.
  • Bettermann, A.; Hübner, H.:
    Mikrokapseln aus Fibrin zur Kultivierung von humanen Hautzellen.
    humboldt spektrum (2000) 2, 12-17.
  • 1999
  • Eberle, A.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.; Schroedter, M.:
    Microcapsules for immobilizing biocatalysts.
    Deutsche Offenlegungsschrift, 10 pp. (1999).
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  • 1998
  • Worlitschek, J.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    Continuous production of paclitaxel by encapsulated cell culture.
    In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology Animal 34: 64A (1998).
  • Schulz, H.; Throm, K.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    A novel human hepatocyte cell line for application in in vitro assays to prevent animal testing.
    In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology Animal 34: 39A (1998).
  • Schneider, C.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    Cultivation of human skin cells in microcapsules.
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  • Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    Production of baculovirus by microencapsulation.
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  • Kim, S.-K.; Yu, S.-H.; Son, J.-H.; Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    Calculations on O2 transfer in capsules with animal cells for the determination of maximum capsule size without O2 limitations.
    Biotech. Letters 20 (1998) 6, 549-552.
  • 1997
  • Hübner, H.; Buchholz, R.:
    High density cultivation of insect cells in micro hollowspheres.
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  • 1996
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